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Advantages of Plastic

There is a lot of debate about the disadvantage and advantages of plastic – be it for packaging, or grocery bags, or take away food cartons.  Here are some interesting articles on the subject.  For even more information on different materials, please follow the link to the source of the article – Love To Know


Advantages of Plastic Grocery Bags – By Sandra Ketcham

“It is easy to overlook the advantages of plastic grocery bags due to the perception that they are environmentally unfriendly. While they certainly have ecological drawbacks, plastic grocery bags can be beneficial to retailers, consumers, and even the environment.

Advantages of Plastic Grocery Bags for Retailers
Retailers for have favored plastic shopping bags as long as they have been available-about 50 years. The main advantages of plastic grocery bags are that they are cost-effective, easy to use, and convenient to store.

Plastic bags are available in bulk purchases at a fraction of a cent per piece. In contrast, paper bags typically cost 5 cents or more per piece. Reusable cloth bags, which are gaining in popularity as environmental sustainability becomes a more widespread concern, can cost as much as a few dollars each. In large volume, plastic bags have obvious overhead cost benefits for stores and their profit margins.

In addition, plastic bags are quicker to open, pack, and double up than paper bags. While those few seconds may seem nominal, for busy cashiers, this can help keep lines moving efficiently. Plastic bags also require less space than paper bags, both in storage and at cashier stations, and weigh about one-tenth as much. Reusable bags take up the most space, and while their weight varies, they are all considerably heavier than plastic or paper bags.

Advantages of Plastic Bags for Consumers
Conveniently enough, just as retailers have found plastic bags to be a better option than paper, so too have consumers. The numbers speak for themselves: according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans use 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually, and the American Forest and Paper Association estimates that Americans use 10 billion paper shopping bags each year.

While this preference is gradually changing in light of environmental concerns and the increased use of reusable cloth bags, plastic shopping bags still offer two key benefits:

Plastic bags are more durable than paper bags. They are less prone to tearing, easier to carry, and are far more useful in the rain.
Plastic bags are reusable for a variety of purposes, with many people using them as trashcan liners or to pack and store miscellaneous items. Plastic bags last considerably longer than plastic bags and be rinsed out and repurposed, unlike paper bags.

Environmental Impact of Plastic Grocery Bags
There has been much disagreement over whether paper or plastic shopping bags are more detrimental to the environment. The truth is, each has advantages and disadvantages when compared to the other.

Environmental Advantages
There are several important ecological advantages of plastic grocery bags over paper shopping bags. Because they weigh so much less, they contribute far less solid waste to landfills when not recycled. According to the EPA, paper bag production requires 40 percent more energy than the production of plastic bags. Paper bag manufacturing also results in 50 percent more water pollution and 70 percent more air pollution than plastic bag manufacturing.

Effect on Marine Life
One of the more compelling arguments against the use of plastic shopping bags is that marine life commonly mistakes them for food, and that this results in the death of 100,000 marine animals and 1 million sea birds annually.

However, this argument is false. The myth originated from a 2002 study on plastic bags (pdf) commissioned by the Australian government. In the report, the authors misquoted a previous Canadian study from 1987. The animal deaths cited were actually attributable to fishing lines and nets, not plastic bags.

Remember to Recycle
Reuse your plastic bags as much as possible. Recycle the rest.

By recycling, consumers can avoid many of the drawbacks of plastic bags, such as their contribution to litter and their inability to biodegrade when discarded. There are numerous advantages of plastic grocery bags, and by recycling them diligently, consumers can profit from their use in a more environmentally sustainable manner.”


Compostable Food Packaging – By Kate Pullen

“If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to package food, compostable food packaging could be just the thing.

Compostable food packaging is the ideal way to package a wide range of different types of food. Unlike traditional food packaging that gets disposed of through the main waste management system and can end up in landfills, compostable packaging can be placed in a compost system where it will completely biodegrade or rot. This has very real environmental benefits and is an ideal compromise for people who want the convenience of disposable food packaging but want to lead a more environmentally friendly life.

Types of Compostable Food Packaging
There are many different types of compostable packaging for food available. This means that there are compostable food containers available for most types of food and for most occasions. Compostable materials are made from materials such as sugarcane and corn starch. These materials rot completely away and leave little in the way of minerals or other materials behind. Some popular compostable food containers include:

Hot drink cups – New technological developments have meant that a hot drink cup that is completely compostable is now available. This type of cup is ideal for hot drinks, such as coffee and tea, or for foods like hot soup. These are a good alternative to Styrofoam cups or cups made from other biodegradable materials.
Cold drink cups – Clear drink cups are ideal for many cold drinks. Compostable cold drink cups are available in many different sizes and of different shapes and designs.
Food boxes – Food take-out stores and delis will find that there are a wide range of different compostable food boxes and containers available. These are ideal for a wide range of food types and can be disposed of through the home or community compost system.
Plates – Compostable plates are ideal for home and catering use. These plates are a good alternative to plastic disposable plates and are good for parties or other large events.
Bags and papers – Compostable bags for food and papers to wrap food are versatile ways of packaging items. Compostable food bags can be recycled to collect kitchen waste, as the bag and the waste can be added directly to the compost bin.

Disposing of Compostable Food Containers and Packaging
It is important to refer to local environmental guidelines before putting food containers into compost systems. Some food packaging may contain cooked food scraps and this may not be composted in normal compost systems. Cooked meat scraps, for instance, may attract rats and other vermin. Stores that sell and specialize in compostable materials will give specific advice, as will local environmental groups.

Compostable and biodegradable food packaging materials offer a real alternative to traditional disposable items. They are comparable in performance and look, however have the added benefit of being 100 percent compostable and therefore they do not enter landfills. While there are still issues that need to be considered, including how environmentally friendly any disposable item can be considered, taking into account the energy used to make the items and ship them to their end destination, compostable food containers can offer a good compromise.”


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