Double Zipper Bags South Africa

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Lock in Freshness!

Double zipper bags provide an extra tight zipper seal to ensure a really airtight seal. They keep air and moisture out and the good stuff in.

Custom printed zipper bags make things easier for manufacturers, sellers and consumers.

Double zipper bags can be printed with your company’s, or product’s, branding or they can have our standard write
on block, come unprinted or coloured, and there are many more features possible.

Clear zipper bags also allow you to identify the contents easily without having to open up the packaging.

Double zipper bags are great for organizing your items and very useful for travel purposes. They are convenient for storing a variety of things both at home and in the workplace.

You can even use them in the freezer for both vegetables and meat for future use. This is because the double zipper bags have a durable seal which prevents oxygen getting in or leakage concurring.

With resealable bags you don’t have to worry about storing half consumed goods – you can reseal the package
safely and securely until next use.

We all know that we need to make sure we are careful with our use of plastic – Zipper bags
provide an easy way to reuse and reduce our plastics consumption.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Double Zipper 300x450
Double Zipper extrusion pic
Double Zipper 300x450