Mini Zipper Bags Western Cape

Mini Zipper Bags Western Cape

Why are Mini Zipper Bags a good idea?


They are ideal for goods where the entire pack is not used in a single serving. The re-closeable zipper feature offers excellent practical packaging to keep products fresh, safe, dry, together and protected until the pack is used.


We manufacture a variety of types of zipper bags and have a large selection of different ranges in our options. Your requirement for home use, be it bulk freezing or organising your home office, office use or retail and commercial use are all possible and we have solutions for most requirements.


We offer stock sizes from MINI Zipper (25mm x 25mm) bags to HUGE (300mm x 420mm) zipper bags and carry stock of many sizes.

These are available in:


  • STANDARD ZIPPER BAG RANGE – Zipper bags for everyday use, very cost effective available in a range of sizes


  • PREMIUM ZIPPER BAG RANGE – Zipper bags for everyday use where you want a PREMIUM QUALITY bag, this is a thick strong bag with a YELLOW + BLUE = GREEN ZIPPER- available in a range of sizes


  • DOUBLE ZIPPER BAGS – Zipper bags with a DOUBLE ZIPPER to close the bag providing a tight air tight and leak proof seal, with YELLOW + BLUE = GREEN ZIPPER- also available with “click” feel


  • CUSTOM DESIGNED AND SPECIALISED ZIPPER BAGS – We can custom make almost any size ZIPPER bag, if our large selections of stock sizes do not have what you are looking for. We can print and brand the bags with your custom design and brand and can include many features like:


  • White write-on ink
  • Vent holes, round punch holes or even Euroslot for hanging
  • Carry Handle punches – oval handle, 3 finger holes, C-Shape handle
  • Fold in handle for extra carry strength
  • Printing high quality graphics in up to 8 colours
  • Top or Bottom opening
  • Easy open perforations
  • Special tear out perforations


  • SPECIMEN ZIPPER BAGS – We supply custom made SPECIMEN ZIPPER BAGS for the pathology industry. Where separation of potentially high risk specimens and customer sensitive information is critical we offer 2 compartment bags to separate and contain 2 items in 1 pack.

Our document pouch comes in many formats and options.




Mini Zipper Bags Western Cape – If you do not see what you are looking for above, please Contact us for more information.


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Printed zipper bags
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