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Plastic Security Bags Cape Town

Security Bags Cape Town

Plastic Security Bags Cape Town – We live in a world where information needs to be protected. A security bag is a heavy duty bag used to hold valuable products or documents or legally sensitive items.

Bags or envelopes can be made to be tamper resistant (TR); to make it difficult for unauthorized entry. Often it is more important for them to be tamper-evident (TE); to indicate when an unauthorized entry has occurred.

Whe  used to contain items related to a crime, special evidence bags are used. Authentication of signatures and chain of custody are often required.

When your documents, important files and information need protecting, we offer a variety of various types of tamper
evident plastic security bags – secure document bags and pouches.

  • Double High-tack glue strips
  • tamper proof perforation
  • Unique or sequential numbering possible
  • Specialised High end Tamper Evident tape – shows “void” if opened


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Plastic Security Bags Cape Town