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Self Sealing Bags

Self Sealing Bags – Self Seal Glue Strip Bags

Self Sealing Bags. Self seal glue strip bags. 021 703 8016 Proficient Packaging is located in Cape Town, South Africa. We supply flexible packaging in various shapes and forms, but specialize in many forms of re-closable and re-sealable bags and pouches. We believe we have a great service ethic and the ability to be diverse, flexible and proactive. With our “hands-on approach” we pride ourselves in being able to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements. Small, Smart, Sharp! Proficient Packaging - Packaging and Packaging Bags - zip lock bags, zipper bags, reclosable bags, security bags, glue strip bags, glue tape bags, special bags, boutique bags, resealable bags, self sealing glue strip bags, plastic bags, paper bags, printed bags, magazine bags, tamper evident bags. Profpack - manufacturers of packaging bags in Cape Town.

Typically used in the mailing, clothing, stationary, cosmetics, confectionery indistries, etc, our self seal glue strip bags come in an exciting range of options to highlight and draw attention to your brand. High quality printing with  “chrystal clear” film will make your product the consumers first choice.

With a choice of Re-sealable, Permanent or specialised ” VOID” tamper evident Glue Tape, the self seal glue strip bags offer pilfer protection to valuable goods inside the bag.

We offer specialised “double bags” where combinations of “2 compartments in 1” or unique compartments bags.


  • Header Sealed bags – a header section sealed on top of the bag, stands head and shoulders above the rest
  • Metalized Films – High gloss with a “foil” finish the ,eye-catching bags are a classy finish.
  • Printed up to 8 colours, options included neon colours, matt finishes and many more…
  • Unprinted bags – to offer product or insert inclusion and offer pilfer protection to value added inserts
  • Special Double bag – 2 seperate compartments for 2 magazines or a magazine and a product or many other options

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 Self Seal Bags - self sealing glue strip bags.