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Smart Ideas and Special Packs

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Smart Ideas and Special Packs

  • Lunchtime Zipper Bag Snack Pack  – a special zipper combo pack that saves you money – includes Sandwich size zipper bags, Treat size zipper bags and Snack size zipper bags
  • Easy Stick Book Covers – slip 1 cover in the fold, fold the cover over, remove self seal tape and close around the book – Voila – oh so simple!
  • Many more to come….. watch this space

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Lunchtime Bag Combo Snack Packs

Lunchtime Zipper bags Snack Pack

60 Sandwich Bags

20 Treat Size Bags

20 Snack Size Bags

Easy Stick Book covers

Easy Stick Book cover

Premade A4 book covers

Slip one end of book in pocket, peel off Self sealing tape and close around book snugly. Oh so simple

Lunchtime Zipper Combo Pack