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Advantages of Plastic

There is a lot of debate about the disadvantage and advantages of plastic - be it for packaging, or grocery bags, or take away food cartons.  Here are some interesting articles on the subject.  For even more information on different materials, please follow the link to the source of the article - Love To Know ___________________________ Advantages of Plastic Grocery Bags - By Sandra Ketcham "It is easy to overlook the advantages of plastic grocery bags due to the perception that they are Read More...

In Defense of the Plastic Bag

An interesting article from Green Biz on this rather controversial subject.  Take a read and see what you think. Follow the link to read the complete article ____________________________ Author - Marc Gunther "Pity the much-maligned plastic bag. Plastic bags are being banned or taxed in cities and counties across America–just this week in Seattle, before that in San Francisco, Portland and Washington, D.C. Beginning in January, Montgomery County, MD, where I live, will impose a five-cent charge for carryout bags at all retail Read More...