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Single zipper bag

Is Food Packaging Sustainable?

Here is a good article from a few years ago looking at the problem of excessive food packaging. We at Proficient Packaging agree that plastic packaging needs to be as reusable as possible - see our range of zipper and ziploc bags. ____________________________________ Is Food Packaging Sustainable? A Look at All This Plastic By - Jonathon Engels - One Green Planet "Food packaging has simply gotten out of hand, or — and far worse — it’s constantly in our hands. It’s hard to buy Read More...
Single zipper bag

How to Recycle Ziploc Bags

"Ziploc bags, aka sandwich bags or resealable plastic bags, are starting to be accepted at more recycling facilities across the nation. The average American family uses 500 Ziploc bags every year. If all those bags are thrown away, that quickly adds up to a massive amount of plastic going into local landfills and incinerators. The good news is that Ziploc bags are recyclable. Even better: In most communities, recycling locations are more plentiful than you might think. That means the Read More...